Technical Details

How does it all work?

How can my group do a driveway choir of our own?

You've come to the right place. We've written it all down.

Audio systems to enable physically distant singing - Version 0.8

October 29, 2020. This document explains how to choose equipment and set up a Driveway Choir of your own.

Hot Rods and Harmony Webinar Series

Christian Hunter and Somerset Hills Harmony organized a series of 5 webinars and taught the world how it works. Many sessions attracted 75+ people from all over. The presentation materials can be found in Google Drive.

Driveway Choir Packing List

October 1, 2020. This spreadsheet is a list of things that Bryce and Kathryn pack into the car when we're heading to an event. Of course yours will have different details, but hopefully it is useful for reference.

Driveway Choir Antenna Distribution

August 29, 2020. This document describes the antenna unit that we introduced in our August 29 antenna distribution video. It's an optional add-on that can improve wireless microphone sound/range, and allows you to put your antennas outside (where it may rain or snow) and your audio system inside.

Bill Stearns's Driveway Choir shopping list

October 11, 2020. Bill Stearns made a spreadsheet to help people design audio systems of different sizes, based on his system. To use it, just make a copy of the spreadsheet and type numbers into the yellow cell. If you have questions about it, please ask Bill.


June 2021. ChoirLink is a low-cost wired audio system for car choir rehearsals designed by Bob Horst. A device in each car connects to a cellphone-style earbud/mic and a pair of RJ45 connectors. Ethernet cables are connected in a string or in a tree structure using passive 4-port ChoirLink hubs. These cables are not used for Ethernet, but instead carry analog audio signals and power between cars. Power is supplied with a few nine volt rechargeable batteries. Instead of an expensive central mixer, each device has a mic level control that can be set to balance the voices.

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Mic and monitoring configurations

June 17, 2020 (updated September 26, 2020). If you are building an audio system like this, you may prefer different sorts of mics, or different ways to play the sound back to the musicians. To help people choose, we've made a table of configurations to choose from. It includes the cost per singer for each choice, and a photo of each o

In-car microphone mounting suggestions

Sept 30, 2020. Christian Hunter published instructions for building a microphone stand that clamps onto a steering wheel or almost anything else you can think of. Also he recommends some FM radios and headsets.

Battery-Powered Parking Lot Chorus on

December 2020. Dave Coleman and Bill DeVore published a very clear and detailed page on that describes how they built an audio system with 24 wireless mics, antenna distribution, powered by a 12V deep-cycle battery and a custom-made power strip.