September 2021 update

Starting in May 2021, Bryce and Kathryn Denney began working with a Boston-area filmmaker on a documentary that shows how choirs adapted to the challenges of 2020-2021.

The documentary is in post production now, and we're hoping to be (mostly) done in September.

We have already filmed MANY hours of footage and done 45 interviews, and many people have contributed footage of their group's activities. We've written a detailed outline, and we're making rough cuts for each section, then refining them until it becomes a complete film.

We're also working with a copyright lawyer to get copyright clearances for the music and news segments.

The documentary will be released in Fall 2021. (hopefully)

Send us photos and videos

Please send us any photos/recordings/videos that you'd like to share on this topic.

How to send files to us:

  1. One way to send files is through Dropbox at this address: When you submit files, Dropbox tells us your name but not your email address.

  2. Or share the files in whatever way is most convenient for you: Google drive, etc. (Note: Facebook messenger reduces the quality a lot, so not that.)

  3. Or if you have very large files, it may be easier to mail us a USB drive, and we'll mail it back.

In any case, please also email us at if you'd like to provide more information such as: what are people doing in the picture, which group is shown, location, date, etc. Then we'll know how to reach you, in case we have followup questions.

What is your story?

Are you willing to share a quote or message or story for the documentary? You can just take a video of yourself, say whatever you want to say, and share that video as described above.

Or just email us and share your ideas at