Do you love to sing?

Has it been a long time since you sang with friends?

Come sing Broadway favorites with us, safely and joyfully!

Led by our friend Jon Parker Eldridge and an ASL interpreter, you can tune in to the group on your car radio!

Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 2pm
(snow date: February 21 at 2pm)

In a parking lot in Massachusetts

We will sing from inside our cars

Recording from the event

About the event

Choirs cannot sing together indoors in 2020, so here's how we do it with no latency, and without exchanging germs. Singers use wireless microphones from inside their cars, we use an audio mixer to combine their voices into a choir sound, and we broadcast it on a low-power FM radio station so that everyone can hear.

Kathryn Denney (the conductor) and 20-30 singers will have microphones (first come, first served). Any number of additional singers can listen to the singers on the radio and sing along, too. Bryce Denney is our intrepid pianist, who will use his USB heated gloves to keep his fingers warm!

When you arrive, a parking attendant will help you find a parking spot and let you know which radio station to tune to. We orient the cars so that you can see the conductor. You'll hear music and instructions through your radio. Kathryn will lead a warmup, then we'll begin.

--Bryce and Kathryn Denney, Driveway Choir

Donation/Admission Fee

Singers with microphones: $25

To pay, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click here to go to Theatre III’s donation page.

  2. Click on the button that says “Donate now (via credit card).”

  3. Scroll to the section called “General Donation to the Theatre” at the bottom of the page.

  4. Enter the amount of your payment and click “Donate.”

  5. When you check out, type “Driveway Choir” in the Comments box.

Audience members/singers without microphones: Free

Donations gratefully accepted

Safety rules

We take safety very seriously, both for your health and ours. We also need to keep public health in mind so that we are allowed to organize future Driveway Choir events.

Safety rules:

  • The health of every participant is our top priority.

  • If you or others in your family/bubble have experienced flu-like symptoms or have tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, do not attend the event.

  • While singing, everyone must be inside cars with the windows closed. The only exceptions are the conductor, pianist, event organizers, and photographer.

  • Participants must stay in their cars, except when event organizers announce that it is okay. We might take a break to stand up and stretch, for example.

  • Anyone outside of a car must wear a mask and stay 6+ feet from anyone who is not in their family/bubble. The conductor or event organizer may remove his/her mask during rehearsal, when very far from everyone else, so he/she can be heard clearly.

Thank you for your help in making this a safe and successful experience.

Questions and Answers

Q: What safety protocols do you follow?

A: We disinfect the microphones with Clorox wipes and wash the foam windscreens between events. We use hand sanitizer and gloves when distributing and collecting microphones. We require everyone to agree to the safety rules above, in order to participate.

Q: Where can I find the music?

A: The music can be found in this Google Drive.

Note: We will be doing only the end of the Les Mis Medley, and you need only pp. 25 (in the doc, not on the page) through the end.

If you would like rehearsal recordings for any of the pieces, please do not hesitate to ask and I can make them for you. We are not going for perfection, but it is so much fun to sing in SATB harmony, that I am sure we will have a great time if you take a look at all the songs ahead of time.

Q: I don't have a car. Can I sing too?

A: No, we're sorry. We can only accommodate singers in cars for safety reasons.

Q: What's the actual address of the event?

A: We will email the exact address of the event, and other details, to participants after they register.

Q: Will I have a microphone?

A: We have a limited number of microphones and channels on the mixer. Microphones will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. We also need to balance out the voice parts.

Q: Should the car windows be open or closed?

A: Car windows need to remain closed during singing.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask inside my car?

A: As long as the windows are closed, you don't need to wear a mask inside the car.

Q: Can I get out of the car and sing outside?

A: No, everyone needs to stay inside their car while singing.

Q: Can we have several singers in the same car?

A: Yes, people in the same family/bubble may sing in the same car. We'll give each singer a microphone (until they run out).

Q: Why would I bring a portable radio, if my car already has a radio?

A: Car radios work for many people. But these are the advantages of a separate, portable radio:

  • There is no risk of draining your car battery.

  • Some cars automatically turn the radio off every 15 minutes.

  • Some higher-end car radios introduce delay that makes it very hard to stay in sync with the group. (especially Lexus and Suburus)

  • Some people prefer using a radio with headphones to hear the choir sound more clearly than speakers.

Q: Should I leave my car on/off?

A: Please turn your car engine and lights off. Most cars have an "accessories" mode which allows the radio to be used and does not use much battery power. Please don't leave the engine running during the event, so that you and others don't have to breathe in the fumes.

Q: Where is the nearest bathroom?

A: We don't have access to the building nearby. You will need to drive to a gas station or shop about 5 minutes away.

Q: I have more questions!

A: Please email with any additional questions.