Tired of chorus rehearsals on mute?

Sing the Brahms Requiem with us!

Live with conductor, soloists, and piano accompaniment

Saturday October 24, 2020 at 3pm

In a parking lot in Newton, MA

From inside our cars

Recordings and videos

We teamed up with Chorus Pro Musica and invited members of other choruses to sing the Brahms Requiem together! Around 50 people came to a parking lot in Newton, MA, and sang (from inside our cars) under the direction of Jamie Kirsch, with professional pianist and soloists. It was filmed by the TODAY show and broadcast on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist on November 22.

We made this 10 minute video, which contains 1-2 minute highlights from each movement.

Or you can listen to the complete recording of the Brahms Requiem: 64 minutes!

About the event

Chorus Pro Musica is teaming up with the Driveway Choir to sing together safely. Choirs cannot sing together indoors in 2020, so here's how we do it with no latency, and without exchanging germs. Singers use wireless microphones from inside their cars, we use an audio mixer to combine their voices into a choir sound, and we broadcast it on a low-power FM radio station so that everyone can hear. Jamie Kirsch (the conductor) and 20-30 singers will have microphones, then any number of additional singers can listen to the radio and sing along too.

When you arrive, a parking attendant will help you find a parking spot, hand you a microphone (until they run out), and let you know which radio station to tune to. We orient the cars so that they can see the conductor, as much as possible. You'll hear music and instructions through your radio. Jamie will lead a warmup, then we'll begin.

Singers should bring a Brahms Requiem vocal score, or download it from Some prefer a paper copy, others prefer to read from a tablet or laptop. You will also need a mask, drinking water, and clothes for a variety of weather. You can optionally bring a portable radio or boombox, and headphones.

Please be aware that the event may be filmed or photographed by the organizers or the media.

Learn more about Chorus Pro Musica at

Learn more about the Driveway Choir at

The event is limited in size due to state and local COVID restrictions. Please register at the link above.

We look forward to making beautiful live music with you!

Jamie Kirsch, Chorus Pro Musica
Bryce and Kathryn Denney, Driveway Choir

Safety rules

We take safety very seriously, both for your health and ours, and so that we are allowed to organize future events that bring musicians together in person.

Safety rules:

  • The health of every participant is our top priority.

  • If you or others in your family/bubble have experienced flu-like symptoms or have tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, do not attend the event.

  • While singing, everyone must be inside cars with the windows closed. The only exceptions are the conductor, pianist, event organizers, and videographer.

  • Participants must stay in their cars, except when event organizers announce that it is okay. We will take a break to stand up and stretch, for example.

  • Anyone outside of a car must wear a mask and stay 6+ feet from anyone who is not in their family/bubble. The conductor may remove his mask during rehearsal, when far from everyone else, so he can be heard clearly.

Thank you for your help in making this a safe and successful experience.

Questions and Answers

Q: What safety protocols do you follow?

A: We disinfect the microphones with Clorox wipes and wash the foam windscreens between events. We use hand sanitizer and gloves when distributing and collecting microphones. We require everyone to agree to the safety rules above, in order to participate.

Q: I don't have a car. Can I sing too?

A: No, we're sorry. Because of the scale of this particular event, we can only accommodate singers in cars for safety reasons.

Q: What's the actual address of the event?

A: This page says which town it will be in. We will email the exact address of the event, and other details, to participants after they register.

Q: Should the car windows be open or closed?

A: Car windows need to remain closed during singing.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask inside my car?

A: As long as the windows are closed, you don't need to wear a mask inside the car.

Q: Can I get out of the car and sing outside?

A: No, everyone needs to stay inside their car while singing.

Q: Can we have several singers in the same car?

A: Yes, people in the same family/bubble may sing in the same car. We'll give each singer a microphone (until they run out).

Q: Why would I bring a portable radio, if my car already has a radio?

A: With a portable radio, there is no risk that your car radio will drain the car battery. Also, some people prefer using headphones plugged into a radio, to hear the choir sound more clearly than speakers. Also, some cars automatically turn the radio off every 15 minutes.

Q: Should I leave my car on/off?

A: Please turn your car engine and lights off. Most cars have an "accessories" mode which allows the radio to be used. Please don't run the engine running during the event, so that you and others don't have to breathe in the fumes.

Q: Where is the nearest bathroom?

A: Most likely, you will need to drive to a nearby gas station or shop. When we have more information, we'll share it.

Q: I have more questions!

A: Please email with any additional questions.